At Cogburn Enterprises we provide peace of mind to all our clients. Whether it is private investigation, process serving or personal protection training, owner and operator Kathy Wilson is here to help. With more than two decades of experience to draw on, Kathy and her staff have the skills, knowledge and expertise to provide a variety of private investigator services.

Kathy started in corrections in 1997 as a corrections officer and was quickly promoted to Sergeant, for the Washington State Department of Corrections, where she held various positions within the organization. In this position, she had duties that laid the groundwork for her private investigations business, including conducted interviews and investigations when dealing with  evidence handling and minor infraction hearings, conflict resolutions when observing and/or dealing with irate inmates, researching offender files, and conducting various searches and emergency drills.

During this time, Kathy took her education and training into her own hands. She applied for and was accepted to become a Defensive Tactics instructor, a member of the COACH training program and Quality Facilitator Trainer for Strategic Planning Committees. Training included weapons training in pistol, shotgun and rifles, security threat groups, fight intervention, use of force and lethal force decision making, working with mentally ill and suicidal offender, and report writing, with combined training totaling  more than 650 hours.

Kathy later moved to Montana, where she worked a little over a year as a skip tracer, and later became a Court and Transport Officer with the Flathead County Detention Center in 2009. During this time, she was selected to take courses such as Advanced Interview and Interrogations, Stress/Critical Incidents, Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement, as well as, became a Verbal Judo Instructor.  This contributed to her earning her Advanced Training Certificate in 2012 through POST, Montana’s Law Enforcement Academy.

Kathy opened her own private investigations business in 2013, which included bail bonds and process serving. In 2015, the bail bond portion of the business was merged with Big Sky Bail Bonds and Monitoring, which she still operates.  Today, Cogburn Enterprises focuses on private investigations, process services and personal protection training.  She is a representative for The Well-Armed Woman and is an Independent Damsel Pro with Damsel in Defense, as well as a certified NRA Range Safety Officer, with her NRA Pistol Instructor certification pending.

Kathy’s experience, attention to detail and her intuitiveness have served her and her clients well over the past several years, often completing her mission sooner than expected, thereby keeping costs at a minimum.  Her honesty and integrity are also refreshing. In a hurry up world where many businesses care only about the profit that can be made from your misfortune, Kathy likes to take the time to connect with her clients which has created not only loyal customers and return clients, but friendships as well.

Kathy is willing to share all that she has to help with your conflicts or your goals, and when faced with adversity, she will go the extra mile to research your specific needs.

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